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  • Modern quartz kitchen worktop supplied by Chiltern Marble

Stock Quartz Worktops

Our Quartz kitchen worktop range features a dynamic selection of worktop options, held in stock at our state-of-the-art factory situated in Kempston, Bedfordshire. We take time to view the latest London quartz worktop trends to ensure our selection is modern, up-to-date and extremely desirable for customers. The stock range is instantly available reducing order times; ideal for those working to tight deadlines. Browse our exciting range of quartz materials in the knowledge that our selection is of the highest quality, whilst being exceptionally competitive on price.

Quartz is a premium composite material that’s a popular kitchen worktop choice due to its hard-wearing and stain resistant properties, making it suitable for the most demanding of kitchens. The advantage of quartz is the vast range of consistent colours that are available thanks to the advanced technology used to develop the stone. As an approved quartz supplier, we offer a minimum 15 year warranty on all of our products, providing peace of mind that the material will stand the test of time.

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Everything you need to know about quartz

Many people ask about quartz and exactly how it compares to the other worktop choices that are available in terms of durability, price and style. Overall quartz is a great material for a worktop; however it may not be suitable for all customers so it is worth doing your homework before you go ahead and make a purchase.

What is quartz?

Quartz is a manufactured material made from natural quartzite bound together by a 7% resin content. Throughout the production process colours are added by the manufactures to achieve the desired result.

Why choose quartz worktops over granite?

This is a common question that is frequently asked throughout the industry about the advantages of quartz over granite. Quartz is designed to be exceptionally stain resistant thanks to its virtually non-porous properties. This means that coffee, lemon juice, oil, red wine or vinegar tend not to be a problem if split and can be wiped away without any damage to the surface of the worktop.

Heat is another element that can damage a worktop. Imagine spending thousands on a new worktop only to accidentally place a hot pan on the surface and to then find it ruined. Well this can happen, however it's exceptionally unlikely. Quartz worktops are designed to be resistant to heat so in 99.9% of cases putting a hot pan onto the surface will have absolutely no effect; however it is never recommend by the manufacturers. Granite tends to be fractionally more tolerant to heat as it's a natural material formed in the earth's crust but again, it is not completely resistant to heat.

The main reason quartz is so popular is because of the vast range of colours it is available in compared to granite, which is limited to what occurs naturally. Many manufactures will adjust their range based on the latest styles and trends set by designers which results in new colours being available every year. There are around 1000 different colour options from the major quartz manufactures so the chances are there will be a colour out there to match any colour scheme.

What is Silestone?

Silestone are a quartz manufacturer. The quartz industry is made of many different manufacturers such as Cimstone, Caesarstone, Quartzforms, Compac, Silestone and Stone Italiana. Just like different car manufacturers these company's produce products that are similar to one another but are all slightly unique. There's very little to separate the major quartz manufactures in terms of quality, each have built up a reputation of outstanding excellence and produce great products. Silestone are the largest quartz manufacturer and have one of the largest product ranges.

How is quartz priced?

Quartz surfaces are priced in a similar way to granite, generally by the metre. All manufactures put their products in price bands so some products will be cheaper than others; a fabricator or quartz worktop supplier should be able to recommend different products that fall within varying budgets. Just like car manufacturers, quartz manufactures do vary in price with little difference in quality between them. It's worth looking at different colours from multiple quartz brands providing they match your colour schemes.

How long will Quartz last?

Quartz worktops are designed to last a considerable length of time and if treated correctly, will most certainly outlive us. The manufacturers offer warranties between five years to a life time on staining, so in theory the material should never visibly age. As previously mentioned the material is incredibly strong and resilient so the only reason one would normally remove a quartz worktop is if many years down the line one decides they want to change the kitchen colour or style. It's fair to say that quartz is incredibly hard-wearing.

Will the worktop look like the sample I have been supplied?

Samples are generally very similar to what the actual worktop will look like. This is because quartz is made in controlled environments so will always look virtually the same. It is worth pointing out that quartz can be a little like wallpaper so there is a possibility that it may be a shade different from batch to batch. This is another reason to avoid blanks as blanks are often taken for multiple batches so in some kitchens it is possible to detect different shades on the one worktop. Ensure that a kitchen worktop is being cut from slabs of quartz from the same batch to achieve the best results.

Are there any quartz manufacturers I need to avoid?

There are some quartz manufactures that offer a very poor quality of product with notable problems. These tend to be from unbranded Chinese manufacturers that have their material cut into blanks instead of full sized slabs. There's minimal regulation surrounding the quality of quartz so it is worth being a little cautious before making any purchase. It's worth avoiding buying quartz from a company that uses blanks and do the fabrication onsite using unbranded quartz which isn't produced by the trusted major manufactures. The major manufactures of quartz in the UK are Silestone, Ceasarstone, Compac, Unistone, Quartzforms, Stone Italiana, Cimstone, Samsung and Arenastone.

Does quartz scratch?

The answer to this question is yes, quartz does scratch however it is incredibly difficult to scratch the material from everyday kitchen objects such as cutlery and utensils. Quartz manufactures are conscious that the material needs to be resistant to scratches; especially in busy kitchen, so are masters of using innovative techniques to try to ensure that the material stands the test of time. Quartz is also impact resistant.

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