What stone are Caesarstone worktops made from?

Caesarstone is not made from a single stone but rather a combination of crushed natural quartz crystals, polymer resins, and various pigments to create a vast array of colours to choose from. While the resins assist bind the material together, the quartz crystals offer hardness and durability. Consequently, worktops in kitchens and bathroom surfaces made from Ceasarstone are non-porous, stain-resistant, and comparatively low-maintenance.

Do Caesarstone kitchen worktops come in different colours?

Making a choice can be very challenging because quartz worktops come in so many distinct colours. Not only should your new worktop look great with the décor you now have or are planning, but it should also be durable and “go” with any future décor changes you may make. You should therefore exercise caution while making decisions and consider being as impartial as you can. If you choose a shade that is too “out there,” like a fashion colour or anything bright, you’ll have a difficult-to-work-around work surface rather than one that goes well with most other décor choices. These six colour choices of Caeserstone are some of the most well-liked ones available:

Statuario Nuvo: White is a colour that is always in style and will always be in demand. The dark marble veins in this option will calm your nerves and give your new kitchen worktop a beautiful appearance if, like some people, you’re a bit afraid of brilliant white.

Shitake: This rich light orange/brown shade is a great choice for a matte finish, which looks great in a basic colour. Due to the excellent colour compatibility with other hues like white, cream, grey, or black, this is a versatile colour choice.

Clamshell: If you’re not into basic colours, you can always opt for patterns like this one. The flecks of brown, cream, and grey in Clamshell are so exquisite that they almost stand out against the neutral backdrop. Your kitchen will look very contemporary and light-reflecting if your walls and cabinets are simple.

Airy Concrete: Combining grey with white is one of the trendiest decor ideas right now. This particular grey tone comes in a matte or shine option. Simple and incredibly adaptable, this hue falls somewhere in the middle, so nothing is too light or dark.

Caesarstone Jet Black: Black is a shade that will always be in style, and there’s a good reason why. Although you should still clean, black hides filth and goes well with a variety of hues.

Riverlet: With lighter specks woven throughout its creamy, rich tone, this is a fantastic option for a centrepiece that also complements other colours beautifully.

There are many more Caesarstone colours available, but these are the most well-liked and stunning ones. To learn more about Chiltern Marble’s full Caesarstone quartz range, get in touch with them today.

Is Caesarstone UK quartz?

One of the most popular surfaces available is the quartz worktop. The material’s attractive appearance and practical advantages are the main reasons for its popularity. Many homeowners choose to choose quartz since it’s a material that’s incredibly easy to maintain and clean.

One of the best quartz surface brands available is Caesarstone. Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are made by blending 93% quartz mineral and 7% polyresin, though exact percentages will range between brands. Whilst they are technically different materials, “Caesarstone” and “quartz” are interchangeable.

What is the difference between a Caesarstone worktop and a porcelain worktop?

Both quartz and porcelain are excellent materials for worktops. Quartz is a strong, long-lasting material that may be used for kitchen countertops and serve you well. On the other hand, porcelain might be more appropriate for your needs if exposure to heat and direct sunlight are your primary worries. All the benefits of genuine stone, like granite and marble, are available with a quartz worktop, but they require less upkeep. Worktops are typically seen as a significant investment. A quartz worktop provides various long-term advantages that outweigh porcelain worktops’ lower initial cost.

Can you buy Caesarstone quartz countertops from a marble store?

Yes! At Chiltern Marble, we have 51 different beautiful colours of Caesarstone quartz worktop options to choose from.

Is the price of a Caesarstone worktop cheaper than that of a quartz worktop?

There are several things to take into account when determining the price of Caesarstone quartz worktops, including size, thickness, and colour. Generally speaking, a Caesarstone quartz worktop will cost less to install than quartz or granite. Contact Chiltern Marble today for a quote on Caesarstone prices.

How durable are Caesarstone quartz worktops?

Caesarstone quartz worktops are known for their durability and strength, making them a hot favourite when choosing kitchen worktop surfaces. Caesarstone countertops blend functionality with stunning finishes to create a visual design that will transform the look of your kitchen.