kitchen worktops northampton

Kitchen Worktops Northampton

If you’re looking for a new work surface or kitchen worktops for your kitchen, then look at our range of worktops Northampton area. At Chiltern Marble, we offer a completely natural stone solution for a new kitchen worktop at affordable prices.

As the UK’s leading supplier of granite and quartz worktops, our range of kitchen worktops is of exceptional quality and comes with a 15-year stain-free warranty. If you want a hardwearing worktop surface, I’m sure you are aware wooden worktops along with laminate worktops are not ideal for a hardwearing worktop surface for your kitchen.

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Your kitchen and the kitchen worktops are probably the most used room in your house. Kitchen worktops take a battering, when choosing a worktop for your kitchen come and talk to us. Kitchen worktops are our business, we know what we are talking about and can offer you fantastic unbiased worktop and kitchen worktops advice.

We have the largest range of natural stone in stock at our purpose-built factory in Bedfordshire, our highly experienced team of stone masons use the latest technology to cut, polish and finish kitchen worktops.

As leading kitchen worktops suppliers, you can be assured we deliver sourced quality worktops to our clients, we are focused on providing a quality kitchen worktop for every one of our customers at a very competitive worktop price.

Choice of Kitchen work surfaces

Granite worktops or quartz worktops have to be the first choice for a kitchen worktop or a kitchen worktop replacement for any laminate kitchen worktops you may have installed.

Laminate kitchen worktops have been around for years and were installed in many a kitchen as the kitchen worktops of choice in the 70s & 80s. As kitchen worktops, they did the job for a short period, but laminate worktops were never a good choice for a kitchen. Laminate kitchen worktops are just not hardwearing enough, they crack with heat.

Disadvantages of kitchen laminate worktops


    • Kitchen worktops made from laminate are easy to damage as they are predominantly made from particle board and plastic

    • Laminate worktops look cheap in a kitchen as kitchen worktops

    • With kitchen worktops made from laminate more care is needed near heat as they are not as heat-resistant as granite or quartz kitchen worktops

    • A worktop made from laminate is porous, meaning the worktops can absorb liquid which will result in problems with kitchen worktops further down the line.

    • Kitchen worktops made from laminate won’t add value to your kitchen or home

    • One advantage of kitchen worktops made from laminate is they are cheaper, but as the saying goes, buy cheap you buy twice. If you want a worktop that lasts, kitchen worktops made from granite or quartz are the only way to go.

As mentioned earlier, if you want a kitchen worktop that is stylish, durable and lasts for years. Kitchen worktops made from Granite or Quartz are the first choice of many different industries. Such as kitchen manufacturers, kitchen installers, hoteliers and restaurant owners as the worktops to install.

Recommended Worktop Types

For a kitchen worktop that’s both durable and stylish, we have outlined below the benefits of two kitchen worktops we recommend having installed to make the kitchen of your dreams.


Our range of granite worktops will not only beautify your kitchen but are also a practical worktop choice. The granite itself comes in a multitude of colours to suit any kitchen decor. All of our granite before it’s cut into a worktop is professionally sealed and treated making it highly resistant to kitchen spills.

Worktops made from granite are available to a thickness of 30mm and 20mm thickness depending on the colour.


Our quartz worktops are made from a premium composite and are a popular kitchen worktop choice for their hardwearing and stain-resistant properties. Making them ideal in a busy kitchen where having hardwearing kitchen worktops is paramount.

Kitchen quartz worktops are available in a choice of colours and tones giving your kitchen a modern and desirable look. To view the different quartz colours, browse our website to give you an idea of how your kitchen worktops will look in situ.

Granite or Quartz for your Kitchen Worktops

Both granite & quartz make perfect kitchen worktops and both will add value to your kitchen and home. Granite in a kitchen appeals to people who prefer a natural-looking worktop.

As granite is a natural stone whilst quartz is engineered making granite more unique, as each cut slab will be slightly different in pattern and colour.

Quartz for use as kitchen worktops on the other hand is more uniform as the stone has been engineered and isn’t in its natural form. One thing you can be sure of, both make for high-end quality kitchen worktops.

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