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Chiltern Marble of London

Founded in 1998, we are now the leading stockist and supplier of semi-precious stones, onyx, granite and marble London has ever seen, we have showrooms situated across the South East and Home Counties, including London Bedford and Milton Keynes.

As we have a wide choice of marble, and granite plus a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles we always urge our clients to visit one of our showrooms so they can see for themselves the natural beauty of our worktops and stone tiles whilst obtaining top-notch services from our knowledgeable staff regarding which granite, marble or stone to choose for their purposes  

Which Stone is best for worktops?

We offer countless options for stone worktops and when it comes to selecting the best option it can become confusing, we are here to help you choose the best stone to compliment your kitchen with one of our amazing-looking stone worktops.

We are here to help you make the right decision, do not be afraid to ask us for our free advice, we have many years of experience and have helped thousands of people make the right choice with our services across London and their Home Counties. 

Selecting the best stone materials for kitchen worktops

Stone marble and quartz are the popular choices for most homeowners as they are all extremely hard-wearing and durable, all of our worktops are cut to size from the original slab of stone with choices from Italian marble slab, Brazilian marble slab, Indian granite slab, Brazilian granite slab and even Italian porcelain slab which for one, we don’t recommend as porcelain for a worktop is too brittle.

We work tirelessly from our London office to source our quality stone materials worldwide, all have very distinctive characteristics, beautiful colours, textures and finishes, try to compare all the different marble and quartz stones available when trying to make a choice before committing to a particular stone for your kitchen worktop


Once you have selected a type of stone from one of our London showrooms, either marble or quartz, you can be assured that the stone you have chosen will be durable and will last for many years. 

Practicability, is white practical?

A kitchen worktop dominates the look of any kitchen and to keep it looking in all its natural splendour, it’s not all about a marble or stone appearance, ask yourself, is the stone materials surface hygienic, not too porous, won’t stain easily if anything acidly such as sauces, lemon or vinegar is spilt on the stone.

The colour of marble or stone is a huge factor, Marble and quartz stones can come in many different colours and shades such as bluish, grey, yellow, white and black, white marble is popular for worktops, and that colour marble worktops are also very practical too, they are hard wearing, non-porous, heat resistant, hygienic and super easy to wipe down but will that colour look, right in your kitchen?

Get a Stone Sample

We fully understand picking the right marble or stone is hard enough so then it comes down to the colour, we can offer with most of our marble and stone a sample piece which you can take to your London home to check against your kitchen decor, we can’t be fairer than that, it’s all part of a service offered by us!

How to order?

You can either order directly from our website or visit one of our London showrooms from our wide selections of marble and quartz stone, or even order samples to be posted directly to your home by contacting us.

Our friendly London-based service team will be able to give you a competitive quote from your measurements.

As per policy, before we cut a marble slab we will come to your home to do a final measurement, conducting a full site survey to be 100% sure before any marble cutting commences.

Once all processes have been completed you will be the proud owner of London’s finest worktop delivered and fitted by Chiltern Marble Group of London.