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Quartz London worktops by Chiltern Marble are the ultimate solution for giving the kitchen a sophisticated appearance. Quartz is a very popular choice among the general public because of its numerous incredibly enticing features. In addition to having an unbeatable aesthetic, quartz is incredibly robust, heat- and scratch-resistant, non-porous, and simple to maintain. There is one obstacle, though, and that is the price. Since London quartz worktops are expensive, many London homeowners are reluctant to make the commitment and choose this finish for their kitchen. Although it is a pricey material, boy does the appearance make up for the price!

The use of natural stone surfaces in kitchen worktops has long been widespread. Granite and marble have a classic character that has been difficult to match for their opulent appearance and durability, but a top rival is now on the market. Engineered quartz is a manufactured material that is incredibly well-liked by both London homeowners and designers. It is mostly formed of natural ground quartz blended with a little quantity of resin and colours.

Why Should You Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen?

You want to renovate your kitchen worktops, then. Consider your spending limit and way of life for a moment before you start knocking down walls and removing cabinets. It can be simpler for you to make small upgrades to your London kitchen rather than undertaking a major remodel. A more gradual renovation process will help you stay within your budget. Additionally, since you can lose access to the room if a complete restoration is undertaken, it will assist you in maintaining the daily usage of your kitchen.

The organisation and design of your kitchen should be your first priority. The next stage is your counters if you’re satisfied with the arrangement and overall style of your kitchen. 

There are numerous options available for your kitchen worktops. The options are unlimited, ranging from marble to granite to tile, and everything in between. While each material has advantages, today’s discussion will focus on quartz countertops.

Colour choice in kitchen design

Worktops serve as the room’s centre point. You must carefully plan your design because of this. Stone and wood are two of the most popular worktop materials used to cover these surfaces. It is not always possible to locate the precise design pattern, though. This is one of the key causes for the rise in popularity of quartz worktops throughout time.

With the addition of pigments, quartz is a manufactured stone that comes in a wide range of colours. While matching the veins and flaws in natural stone can be more challenging (and more expensive), such a solid colour, especially a dark one, conveniently conceals seams in worktops. Finding a worktop that matches the colour scheme of your kitchen design is simple with so many options available. While manufacturers are starting to develop more organic-looking quartz if you want to obtain a natural appearance on a highly durable surface, the solid hue of quartz is perfect for a minimalist, contemporary, or transitional-style worktop design.

Durability Worktops

Speaking of durability, natural quartz is one of the planet’s toughest materials and gets even tougher when combined with resin. It is just as strong as granite, but it doesn’t chip or have unnoticed striations that might eventually show as cracks. Quartz worktops can be installed more easily than more unyielding natural stone worktops because they are flexible, just requiring epoxy and no screws. Quartz must, however, be fitted by a qualified expert because it is a very heavy worktop.

The tendency for marble or granite worktops to discolour is one of the main complaints of London homeowners who have them. Stone worktops can easily become stained if you’re not careful because they are fairly porous. Quartz is the best option for families searching for a more resilient worktop. Quartz worktops are made of a durable, low-maintenance material called resin. This means that if your child spills their juice, you don’t have to run for the stone cleaner! 

You don’t have to settle for a less desirable appearance because numerous quartz variants imitate the appearance of the stone. Working with an interior designer can provide you access to a wide range of possibilities.

Environmentally friendly

Since it uses recycled waste material (crushed quartz) rather than new stone from a quarry, quartz is one of the most environmentally responsible solutions. Despite being artificial, it is largely natural, made up of 93% natural quartz, 7% colour pigments, and polymer glue to bind it. For your London kitchen remodel, it’s even better if you utilise locally and regionally produced quartz to cut down on transportation needs.

Stain resistant

Due to its stain resistance, quartz surfaces are fantastic in busy kitchens. Oil, wine, tomato, and coffee have no chance. Quartz is non-porous and resistant to both stains and microorganisms thanks to the polymer resin. Additionally coated with an anti-bacterial coating, certain quartz worktops are even more hygienic. As opposed to marble, granite, or concrete worktops, quartz is more easily cleaned with a light cleaner, providing you peace of mind.

Low maintenance worktops

Do you have a large family that travels frequently? The kitchen is used for more than just cooking nowadays. After work and school, folks congregate there. Your kitchen is where your family gathers and works on bake sale projects. More people use it than ever before. More activity and traffic inevitably result in more mess. Quartz’s antibacterial qualities are among its greatest qualities. An antimicrobial surface aids in preventing mould and mildew growth. Additionally, it can aid in halting the spread of dangerous microorganisms.

This makes quartz the perfect material for worktops, especially given that it is simpler to maintain than real stone worktops. For families with young children and home cooks, a quartz worktop would be ideal.

Quartz worktops are exceptionally low maintenance and won’t require resealing like a natural stone worktop because they are sealed by resin. If a large pan is dumped on the worktop, it won’t cause them to chip or scratch, and they are simple to clean. With flaws eliminated, you are left with a beautiful, long-lasting worktop for your kitchen design.


Quartz has improved at imitating some natural stone worktops, although it will never have the same appearance as an organic substance. Different textures, such as pitted, concrete, or suede surfaces, are also possible with newer quartz fabrication techniques. For diversity, glass or metallic flecks can also be included. All of these offer quartz worktops more personality. The only issue is that they require protection from hot pots and pans because they are not completely heat-resistant. Some finishes require more frequent wiping down since they are more prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, yet their popularity is unaffected by this because their benefits far outweigh their drawbacks.

Whether you’re searching for something more natural or a solid colour, quartz offers a wide range of worktop design options. Quartz comes in more hues than granite or stone because it is a manufactured material. To achieve the desired look, pigments can be applied throughout the manufacturing process. You may find the ideal quartz worktop for your renovation project with the assistance of a skilled kitchen design professional. 

Quartz can also be used for walls, shower enclosures, and backsplashes. Quartz, unlike granite or marble, is flexible and can be fastened with epoxy rather than screws, making it suitable for jobs like upgrading the kitchen or the bathroom.

What styles of Quartz are there?

Now that you are familiar with quartz and its advantages, you should choose which of the many quartz worktop colour selections best complements the style of your home.

Solid Color

Traditionally, quartz is available in solid colours. Because of the highly efficient method of colouring quartz, black, white, and grey quartz worktops are simple to make and have a traditional vibe that customers adore. They have a minimalistic appearance that makes sure nothing else in your room conflicts with them. Solid white worktops will also continue to remain pristine and spotless for years because quartz is such an easy material to maintain. Installing quartz is the only option if you want your kitchen to be a white or off-white-leaning grey tint.

Marble Look

Although it seems like everyone and their mother wants a marble worktop, this is most definitely not always the case. The countertop hue that resembles marble is what these homeowners actually desire. This makes a lot of sense because the swirls of black and grey look slick and sophisticated while still giving your area a playful spark of personality. Quartz in a variety of marble-like designs is available. Each quartz slab may have a particular combination of swirls and lines that vary in size, intensity, and pattern. When it comes to personalising your room, you have a tonne of alternative quartz worktops!

Concrete Look

Additionally, there are quartz worktops made particularly to resemble concrete. These patterns’ appearance of intense texture, which enhances the visual appeal of your decor, is one of their major draws. If you want a little additional matching, you may also match other elements in your area, such as the walls, ceiling, and floor, to the visual texture of your quartz that mimics concrete worktops. This is a distinctive approach to personalising your area, so it’s something to think about.

Installing Quartz worktops

Installing your new quartz worktops is not one of the many DIY jobs you may complete in your kitchen. Due to its weight, quartz is typically put in huge slabs. This implies that your kitchen worktops might be seamless if you can find a slab that is big enough. You should contact specialists to install these worktops because quartz slabs are heavy. A quartz slab can crack if it is not handled carefully. This would be a costly error, and you would either need to get a new slab or use your damaged slabs.

Resale Value and Quartz

It’s usually a good idea to keep your home’s market value in mind while remodelling your kitchen. Prospective buyers find quartz worktops to be quite alluring. This is so that quartz may offer the aesthetic appeal of more expensive materials at a more affordable price. Granite worktops or a material that mimics granite worktops are popular among prospective homebuyers. Kitchen countertops made of quartz are ideal. These counters, which are a quarter of the price of granite or marble, can give your kitchen a more expensive and polished appearance which we highly recommend.

Stone Conclusion

For many reasons, quarts are the greatest material currently available to work with. It’s simple to match a quartz countertop to the other elements of your home’s design because it comes in a wide variety of colours, styles, and looks. You’re sure to be pleased with your new countertop because you have a tonne of alternatives to choose from. It’s time to choose your colour and get started on your successful kitchen or bathroom makeover now that you are fully informed on the various types of quartz countertops available and why this material is the ideal choice for your counters. Thank you for reading. Please call or contact us at Chiltern Marble if you have any questions.