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We Supply + Fit Quality Quartz Worktops in the Bedford and Buckinghamshire area

Chiltern Marble established in 1998 is a comprehensive resource for quartz worktops Buckinghamshire, Bedford & Surrey areas, we stock over 1,000 different types of granite, onyx, and semi-precious stone composites including a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, with such a wide variety of quality products we will have in just what you’re looking for, if not we will source it for you. 

We make ordering a granite work surface or quartz worktops easy and relaxed, you can enjoy a luxurious-looking kitchen in a matter of weeks, please follow the simple steps below.

Step One – Pick a Quartz or Granite top from our huge range online or visit us at one of our showrooms.

Step Two –  To place your order, call us two weeks beforehand or pop into one of our showrooms, we will ask for an 80% deposit to reserve your choice of either granite or quartz, the final 20% to be paid on completion after you are completely satisfied with the result.

Step Three – Our team of craftsmen will visit your premises to accurately measure up your kitchen area with all units in place including sinks, taps & hobs, measurements can take up to 4 hours we would like you to be present in case our team have any questions.

Step Four – Our experienced stone masons with their skills will expertly cut the quartz or granite using state of art precision cutting machine to the dimensions required.

Step Five – Between 7 to 10 days after our team has taken accurate measurements, our fitting team will come to complete the installation of your brand new beautiful work surface, this installation would normally take around 3 to 5 hours.

Step Six – All done, our granite comes with a 15-year stain warranty and all of our quartz products have a 10-year manufacturer warranty, Installation work comes with a no-hassle 1-year warranty from us.

What is the difference between a Quartz Worktop and Granite Worktops?

Both materials are highly durable and a perfect choice for a kitchen work surface, both quartz & granite are affordable and will add beauty & value to your new kitchen, the bigger difference is granite is a natural stone whilst quartz is man-made, both still ideal for kitchen worktops.

So which one to choose?


Granite is what’s called an “igneous rock” which means it was once molten and as it cooled then became granite, making it a natural stone which is mined directly from the earth as a huge rock natural stone, cut into slices, polished by us to be used as granite worktops. 


The quartz we use to make our worktops is made from crushed quartz mined directly from the earth and then mixed with polymer resin to make it an extremely hard and durable material, in the production process colour pigments are then added which enables us to offer many different colours or patterns to match your kitchen decor. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Quartz is a harder material.
  • As quartz is man-made so has more colour choices to choose from.
  • Quartz can be damaged by extreme heat.
  • Quartz if used in an outside environment can fade
  • Quartz isn’t porous making it easier to keep quartz worktops bacteria-free.
  • Granite has a more natural look.
  • Worktops made from granite can have unsightly seams.
  • Granite is prone to chipping if a heavy object is dropped onto its surface.
  • Quartz gets its colour from pigments, so can come in every shade, tint or tone imaginable.

As you have read both quartz and granite have advantages & disadvantages, saying that, both do make extremely durable worktops, if you need help to decide which material is best for your needs and kitchen, please contact us.

Why Choose Us?

We can guarantee our highly experienced stone masons using our “state of the art” wet diamond cutting machinery will be able to deliver on time, professionally cut, polished and finished worktops.

We have a 20,000 sq ft factory in Bedfordshire enabling us to store a huge range of marble worktops granite worktops and other premium stones, giving our customers an unrivalled choice.

Our reputation in this trade has been built on, working to tight deadlines, and working alongside other tradesmen on private as well as commercial projects, we pride ourselves on the quality of our granite & quartz and being able to supply marble worktops around Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and all London areas.

Our highly skilled team of craftsmen offer a fully comprehensive customer and personal service all at very competitive pricing.

A price promise from us – We are confident we can beat any worktop quote from another kitchen company in Bedford, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, London & Buckinghamshire areas.

If you need further information please contact us or visit us at our showroom, either in Islington, London or Bedford.