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It is crucial to select the ideal worktop to completely complement your kitchen and lifestyle because it will be always on display and frequently used. Over the past ten years, quartz worktops in Oxford have become more and more popular, and this trend shows no indications of stopping. Quartz surfaces are low maintenance since they are non-porous, durable, heat and scratch-resistant, and don’t need to be sealed. Along with their attractive benefits, quartz worktops are becoming more and more popular among Oxford homeowners due to their durability. There are many different kinds of countertop tiles and slabs for you to choose from, ranging from traditional marble to unusual and quirky materials like completed concrete. Which type of material would be best for the style you want? What about your way of life and culinary practices? Do you favour a resilient surface that requires little upkeep? Whether you enjoy traditional elegance, contemporary sophistication, or any other style, quartz worktops Oxford from The Chiltern Marble Group will look great in almost any homeowner’s kitchen or bathroom.

What is Quartz?

A form of gemstone comprised of silica and oxygen is called quartz. Crushed quartz is combined with resin in quartz worktops in a 93% quartz to 7% resin and colouring pigments ratio. Quartz slabs are produced in an enormous array of patterns and colours. Here are the fundamental steps in making it. 

The raw components are first combined after being fed into mixers. After that, the mixture is put into a mould and cut into slab-sized pieces. The slab is then carried to the curing kiln and heated after being compressed using a specific vacuum and vibration technique under a pressure of 100 tonnes. The ultimate strength and solidity of quartz slabs come from this last stage of the manufacturing process.

The final kitchen surface is not only robust but also beautiful and sleek thanks to the use of quartz, which is often manufactured from man-made stone. Quartz does not absorb liquids that are frequently seen in bathrooms and kitchens due to its non-porous characteristics. Water, oils, alcohol, juices, and soap are among the liquids that can damage natural stone surfaces; therefore, quartz is a more hygienic option. Quartz worktops are very simple to maintain and keep looking brand new, using only a wet cloth and a light detergent. This makes quartz the ideal material to use because it offers the appearance of marble or granite if wanted, without many disadvantages.

The Real Basis for the Popularity of Quartz Worktops & Quartz Kitchen Worktops

One of the top kitchen inventions with steadily rising appeal is natural quartz surfaces. That’s because it allowed so many people to realise dreams that previously seemed unattainable! Oxford homeowners formerly only had two options for stone: natural stone or imitation items that resembled low-quality knockoffs but were manufactured instead. Quartz, however, proves that it is the real deal by fulfilling all the promises made by earlier surfaces. It requires less maintenance, replicates expensive stone authentically, and fits all tastes in interior design. The closest thing to a perfect worktop is quartz, which possesses all of these characteristics as well as many more.

Cashmere Oro Excellent Quartz kitchen worktops

Despite the fact that some people would only identify quartz with more contemporary designs, you can put it in kitchens of any worktop design! When it comes to neutral tones like Cashmere Oro, that is especially true. The airiness of this conventional kitchen is enhanced by the large island’s huge white surface with hardly noticeable veining. The thicker, marble-looking quartz’s Dupont Bullnose edge adds just the appropriate amount of traditional detail.

Calacatta Vicenza

Oxford homeowners can have the appearance of marble using quartz without the hassle. The abundant natural stone is prone to soaking up almost any small spill or splash, but non-porous quartz won’t discolour or turn into a breeding ground for microbes. Although there are several elegant-looking marble worktop designs, Calacatta Vicenza is the most popular quartz choice among designers. This white kitchen looks exquisite with its lovely white surface with slight grey veining. And you don’t have to worry about damaging your excellent white quartz countertops when you prepare raw meat or reheat pasta sauce!

Sandy Cove  Quartz worktop does an Amazing Job of imitating Granite

The minimum maintenance required for quartz is one of its primary selling qualities. With its swirls of cream, tan, and brown, something like Sandy Cove does a beautifully local job of imitating granite, but it’s so much easier to maintain than its actual equivalent. Natural stone requires frequent resealing in addition to the use of cleansers developed specifically for the surface. But with engineered quartz, all it takes to keep your counters clean is a soft sponge, warm water, or a tiny bit of mild dish soap! You won’t ever need to reseal this modern bathroom, and cleaning it will take only a few minutes.

Fossil Brown’s

Quartz offers a variety of appearances, including Fossil Brown’s concrete-like appearance and high-end stone. Additionally, you always get the same colour and design. You will receive the same mid-tone brown countertop with faint veining and subtle shading that you see in the showroom when ordering this earthy-hued countertop. When you install it on a big kitchen island, there won’t be any surprises.

Calacatta Taj idea Quartz Bathroom Worktops

The durability of quartz is another factor that makes it a popular option. The quartz countertop in your bathroom can hold a vast number of soaps or skincare products because, unlike limestone, it won’t be damaged by staining or etching. The Calacatta Taj is the ideal substitute for limestone-imitating materials. A subtle yet elegant design, it has a lush, creamy background with fine brown veining on this bathroom countertop. As you can see, quartz is unquestionably the countertop chameleon. It is the most practical choice and comes in a broad variety of styles, patterns, and colours that will give your kitchen or bathroom a unique, opulent appearance.

Oxford Kitchen Worktops Conclusion

Man-made quartz has many appealing aesthetic qualities. Artificial stones can be constructed in a much broader spectrum of shades than natural stones like marble or granite. The completed engineered stone has a rich, even opulent appearance. The finish has a depth that solid surface materials like Corian are unable to generate. Granite and concrete are equally durable, but quartz is considerably more forgiving and won’t chip or split as quickly. The same hardness that some people find uncomfortable is not present in the way it feels.

Quartz is not porous, like other hard surface countertop materials, therefore it is far more stain-resistant than granite, marble, and concrete. It is stain-resistant to juices, oils, alcohol, tomatoes, caffeine, and other foodstuffs used in the kitchen. Because it won’t encourage the growth of bacteria or viruses, a non-porous surface is healthier. Being able to constantly be sure that your quartz countertop is completely clean is a huge advantage in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

It can be difficult to choose a worktop for your kitchen or bathroom. A lot of people are choosing stone countertops over other materials because they give a space a true wow factor. However, it’s crucial to complete your research and comprehend the characteristics of the many forms of stone before you make a final selection when selecting from the wide range of possibilities available on the market. The quartz worktop has to be one of our favourites. At Chiltern Marble Group, we have years of expertise dealing with a range of stone worktops. Thank you for reading.