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Worktop in Cambridge

What is the best type of worktop in Cambridge to use in your kitchen? We have compiled this article today so you can understand the difference in materials used in kitchen worktops to help you buy the best worktop for your home.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Worktop in Cambridge?

Chiltern Marble is a friendly and experienced kitchen worktop fitter in Cambridge. Established in 1998, we are the UK’s leading supplier of granite, marble, quartz, and other worktop materials. We have a huge factory in Bedfordshire that we use to produce all of our own materials meaning we control the quality to ensure you always get the best product. We understand that not everyone has the same tastes and preferences which is why we offer a bespoke worktop service to help your dream worktop become a reality.

Different Styles of Kitchen Worktops

You should consider finding the greatest kitchen worktops in Cambridge as soon as you decide to remodel your kitchen. The sort of countertop material you select is crucial to bringing all of your other decorative kitchen ideas to life. You may have had your wall colours chosen, cabinets designed, and an idea of the finish you want for your kitchen worktop. Finding a surface that will not only complement the design of your new kitchen but also perform its purpose is crucial, whether you prefer the look of wood, stone, concrete, composite, or metal. Your kitchen surface must also practically meet your needs; buying a delicate material that would immediately scuff upon contact with your kitchen appliances is pointless. We can assist you in making the best choice for this durable surface, from practical and affordable countertop materials like laminate to elegant solid wood, marble, quartz, and more.

Granite Worktops Cambridge

Granite is a hard, long-lasting substance that works well for kitchen worktops. It is very scratch-resistant and can also be sealed to help to increase its durability and last longer. Because granite is so heat-resistant, a hot pan can even be set directly on top of it. Granite worktops should survive for many years, especially if you frequently reseal them. Granite is a perfect choice if you want distinctive worktops because no two granite slabs are exactly alike.

Quartz Worktops Cambridge

Quartz is very low maintenance because it is non-porous, durable, heat, and scratch-resistant. Quartz worktops are becoming more and more popular in kitchens because of how hard-wearing quartz is. The kitchen surface is not only robust but also beautiful and sleek thanks to the use of quartz, which is often manufactured from man-made stone and is typically engineered using 93% natural quartz together with various resins and polymers to create a wide range of finishes.

Unlike Granite, quartz does not absorb liquids that are frequently seen in bathrooms and kitchens due to its non-porous characteristics. Water, oils, alcohol, juices, and soap are among the liquids that can damage natural stone surfaces; therefore, quartz is a more hygienic option.

Quartz worktops are very simple to maintain and keep looking brand new, using only a wet cloth and a light detergent.

Laminate Worktops Cambridge

More so than natural stone like marble, laminate worktops are incredibly durable and highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and stains. This is a very practical option for worktop material for busy family kitchens. And if a replacement is required for whatever reason, it won’t be particularly expensive.

Solid Surface Worktops

For surfaces like worktops, a solid surface is a non-porous, low-maintenance material. When combined by a skilled craftsman, it can approximate the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials.

What is The Best Kitchen Worktop Material?

If you want your kitchen to appear its best, picking the finest kitchen worktops is a great way to do this. Fortunately, there are lots of variations available, making it simple to find something that looks great every time. A lot of this is really down to personal preference, budget constraints, and how you use your worktop surface. Marble, for example, is a beautiful and unique material but it is porous and susceptible to being dissolved by acids in foods such as vinegar or citrus. It, therefore, requires more care. Laminate is obviously a cheaper alternative to granite, quartz, or marble but can be damaged more easily and doesn’t feel as nice. If you are having trouble deciding what kitchen worktop to go for, contact us and a knowledgeable team member will be pleased to walk you through your options.