Worktops Quartz

For the ultimate choice of worktops quartz or marble, Chiltern Marble has to be your number one choice. At Chiltern Marble, we are a family-run business established in 1999. We stand out for excellence when it comes to supplying and fitting granite and quartz worktops in Cambridgeshire and its surrounding areas. We have an extensive array of over 50 different quartz kitchen worktops. These include renowned white quartz brands like Silestone, Caesarstone, and Samsung Staron. Our company has become well-known in the industry for its quality, expertise, and affordability.

The Elegance of Quartz Worktops

The headline feature of Chiltern Marble is undoubtedly its diverse range of different quartz worktop options. From the timeless allure of plain white and black to the more exotic hues of Calacatta gold, Bianco Statuario and Bianco Carrara quartz. Our collection caters to every taste and style. The craftsmanship behind each slab is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing customers with not just worktops, but functional works of art for their kitchens.

Choice of Worktop Colours

Worktops quartz black or white worktops provide a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic for kitchens. White quartz worktops seamlessly blend modernity and classic elegance. The stark contrast of black quartz countertops both are a versatile and enduring choice, elevating the overall charm and functionality of any culinary space.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

Choosing the perfect quartz worktop can be a daunting task, given the amount of quartz worktop colours and options available. This is where we at Chiltern Marble excel. We offer more than just products, we provide a professional experience. Our knowledgeable team of experts at Chiltern Marble guides customers through the selection process. Considering factors such as budget, style, and practical needs. From advising on templating to facilitating a seamless fitting process. Our staff ensures that the journey from selection to installation is a smooth and informed one.

Competitive Pricing and Finance Options

In an era where quality often comes with a hefty price tag, Chiltern Marble breaks the mould by offering competitive prices on their entire range of quartz worktops. Moreover, recognising the diverse financial circumstances of their clientele, the company provides a range of finance options, making high-quality quartz worktops an accessible reality for everyone.

Precision Worktop Installation

A work of art is only as good as its installation, and at Chiltern Marble, we understand this principle well. Offering a comprehensive templating and fitting service, the company ensures that each quartz worktop is installed with precision and perfection. Our meticulous approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also guarantees the longevity of the quartz countertops.

Comprehensive Aftercare Service

The commitment of Chiltern Marble doesn’t end with the installation. Their full aftercare service assures customers that they are supported in case any issues arise with their quartz worktop finishes. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets the company apart and establishes trust in the longevity of its products.

Beyond Quartz: A World of Options

We at Chiltern Marble are renowned for our stunning quartz worktops. The company extends its expertise to other materials as well. Granite worktops, marble worktops, and an assortment of other materials are also available in their extensive inventory. 

Complementing their worktops, Chiltern Marble offers a range of kitchen accessories, including sinks, taps, and splashbacks, providing customers with a one-stop solution for their kitchen upgrade.

The Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Choosing quartz stone from Chiltern Marble brings a myriad of benefits to your kitchen space.


    • Durability: Quartz worktops are highly durable and scratch-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

    • Easy Maintenance: These worktops are easy to clean and require no special treatment, allowing for hassle-free upkeep.

    • Aesthetic Appeal: With a vast array of colours and patterns, quartz worktops can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen design.

    • Hygienic: A Non-porous, quartz countertop resists bacteria and mould, making them a hygienic choice for kitchens.

Aftercare Service

At Chiltern Marble, we have a commitment to customer satisfaction that extends well beyond the initial installation, exemplified by their comprehensive aftercare service. Understanding that longevity and functionality are paramount, we ensure that customers are supported throughout the lifespan of their quartz worktops. The aftercare service we offer provides a safety net for customers. Assuring them that any issues or concerns post-installation will be promptly addressed.

With Chiltern Marble, customers can rest assured that their investment in quartz stone worktops comes with the assurance of ongoing support and care.

Get in Touch for Worktops Quartz and Marble

Chiltern Marble stands as a reputable and customer-based company. Are you considering a kitchen upgrade or a change from perhaps your existing natural oak timber look? Then take advantage of our extensive marble and quartz worktops options and expert guidance provided, making us the top choice. Contact our team today for a quote and elevate your kitchen to new heights of elegance and functionality.